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Precision Components with a Long Life

Our customers rely on GBC’s durable products for a variety of large-scale, high-demand industries, such as mining, railway transportation, diesel engine repair, and construction, to name a few. Our components are used for new building programs as well as repairs, maintenance, and overhauls. Browse through our products to see our high-grade, carbon steel products made in the USA where toughness, longevity, and wearability are requirements of the job! 

Every box that leaves our production plant proudly carries a Made in the USA sticker! If your needs are more specialized, we can manufacture pins and bushings to your specifications. Our parts are manufactured to the highest quality of the OEMs and are accepted by railways around the world. Call 248-685-0961 to inquire whether our products are suitable for your industry.

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Mining, Maintenance, and More

At General Bearing Corp., we offer a selection of knuckle and yoke pins, draft keys, center pins, and brushings made from high-quality carbon enriched and heat-treated steel. Our products are designed for use in railways, mining and construction equipment, heavy-duty vehicles, bridge building and maintenance, and equipment used by the energy, defense, and marine sectors. All of our high-grade, carbon steel products are precisely designed for toughness, longevity, and wearability.

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