A Family-Owned Business With Global Reach

General Bearing Corporation has been family-owned and serving the rail industry since 1943. All our locomotive and freight/tank car products are manufactured in the United States of America in our Milford, Michigan facility. We purchase all of our raw materials directly from domestic US steel mills and offer samples, mill material certification, mechanical property testing results, and first article inspection documentation at no additional cost. 

We are also ISO 9001 and AAR M-1003 certified suppliers, which validates our ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable statutory/regulatory requirements. 

We provide our customers with quality products and material certifications that can be traced back to the mill's heat lot. In addition, our professional engineers provide in-house precision CNC turning and milling, forging, drilling, grinding, honing, and threading to ensure our superior products are delivered quickly when our customers need them.

For nearly 80 years, GBC has been driven by our customers’ needs to perform at the highest level. Because of this, we consistently stock our most in-demand parts to be shipped and, if necessary, deliver them overnight. 

High-Quality Precision Components

Our stock of yoke pins, draft keys, center pins, and brushings are made from high-quality carbon enriched and heat-treated steel that makes them last longer and stay stronger. Our process is always being refined and improved based on industry trends and our metallurgical testing follows strict guidelines to create a consistent product that works every time. General Bearing Corp. is certified in both ISO and Association of American Railroads M1003 standards.

Exceptional Customer Service

General Bearing Corporation is a family-owned business driven by our customers’ needs, which is why we stock our most in-demand parts ready to ship and, when required, delivered overnight. We perform all design and engineering support, precision parts, CNC turning and milling, forging, drilling, grinding, honing, threading, and thread-rolling in-house to ensure high-quality products with speedy turnaround. So choose GBC for your next big project.

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