Products and Services

Precision Parts with a Long Life

With over 65 years in the business, General Bearing Corporation knows how to meet the needs of any industrial application where large-scale, durable, precision parts are required. Aside from Rail, loyal customers also count on GBC parts in other large-scale, high-demand industries including; Mining, Bridge Building and Maintenance, Energy, Marine, Heavy Truck, Construction, and Defense.

We manufacture pins and bushings that are used in freight cars and locomotives. Our parts are used for new build programs as well as repairs, maintenance and overhauls. Our pins are manufactured from high-grade, carbon steel. Each pin is precision forged, induction hardened and if needed finish ground to ensure a perfect fit. They are tempered for toughness and a long serviceable life. The core, head and fastening area remain ductile for superior wearability.

Quality Products from a Quality Name

On our locomotive pins, the threads are rolled to assure grain continuity and strength. General Bearing bushings are made of low carbon steel. Each bushing is carbon enriched and heat treated in atmospherically controlled furnaces. This creates a hardened surface and a strong ductile core for maximum wearing qualities.

The same commitment to long part life shows up in the other parts General Bearing manufactures for the railway industry. The processes for our knuckle and yoke pins, draft keys, and center pins have been continually improved and refined through decades of research and engineering. For your convenience, General Bearing stocks its standard pins and bushings on the shelf. If your needs are more specialized, we can manufacture pins and bushings to your specifications. Our parts are manufactured to the high quality specifications of the OEM’s, and accepted by railways around the world.